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Friday, December 25, 2009

Cinta sejatiku

I used to have the ONE I luRve the most after my family, which i had to let him go just becozz of my confusion, hilang arah, blurr, (it was same like budak kecik berhingus yang tak tahu apa yang betul dan apa yang salah)......and on that time i really2 needed help, guidance, pedoman, panduan, and tunjuk ajar....i was like someone who was drowning in the middle of sea, seeking for help, but no one hears me.......except Allah..the One I luRve the most, tempat mengadu nasib, menceritakan segala masalah, Hanya Allah maha mendengar, maha pengasih dan maha penyayang....

Now I believe luRve lies at the root of everything. We can therefore realize what we need most to help we gain the inner strength necessary for offering sacrifices. It is our luRve for Allah. How much do we luRve him? Do we luRve Him more than everything else?

Islam asks us to luRve God more than all else..That is why it confronts every Muslim with one simple but profound question: Whom do you love more? Allah, His Messenger and Jihad in His way, or fathers, sons, wives, brothers, wealth, houses, commerce, careers?

Only with such luRve for Allah will sacrifice turn into an inner urge,rather than remaining a compliance with an external exhortation. Then we will derive the true delight and pleasure in fulfilling the demands of iman.

As we all know, there are two types of iman. One remains on our lips and that is the iman which becomes a burden to us. There is another iman which penetrates into the heart that is the iman which becomes a pleasure, a delight, a joy. Once we have this iman, if we are required to give time, money, life or sacrifice,likes and dislikes, opinions, we do it gladly.

How to attain luRve for Allah which exceeds every other love? this kind of question was always running thru my head when i was a heartbroken........
There are not, and cannot be, any precise formula for this purpose. But a few things will help. And each in turn will become a rich inner resource you will need to fulfill the demands of sacrificing.

Remember how He has created me, provided me with everything i need; how infinitely Merciful He is.
Looking at my existence, looking at the universe around me, and everywhere i will see His mercy and care, His wisdom and majesty. As i reflect and ponder over 'His signs', which are everywhere, my luRve for Him will increase.

Remembering Him as often as i can is essential and fundamental. It will help me not only to attain love, but all other resources i need to develop my spirit and capacity of sacrifice, mindful of living in His presence, attaching real value to meeting Him and receiving His rewards, understanding the worth and place of this-worldly life, grateful and humble before Him, fearful of never having done enough, prepared and willing to obey His commands.

Every one of us has to die. Death is not the end of everything, it is only a transition into the next phase. In that phase we will stand face to face with Allah.
None of us likes to die; it is only human. But die we must, and only after death will the doors open to eternal life and blessings.

If we understand the nature and reality of this-worldly life, if we know that we can receive our fair wages only upon meeting Allah, then we will develop two feelings. One, a desire to meet Him, however we may fear Him on account of our own misdeeds. Two, the preparedness to sacrifice everything that belongs to this-world for what we will earn in reward in the Hereafter.

Whatever the nature of sacrifice, and whether big or small tangible or intangible, offer it in gratitude and humility. It so often happens that one begins to get weary and tired of giving in the way of Allah. One, then, begins to say, 'We have already spent so much time; we have already given so much money; how much more shall we give?; we have already made so many sacrifices; what else is required of us?'

This will happen only if we are making sacrifices not to please Allah alone; but then we are motivated by something else. Or, when we do not realize that we should indeed be grateful to Him for every opportunity we get to offer some sacrifice. Also offer every sacrifice in all humility.

Choice to sacrifice should be made willingly. This means that we should, by our own choice, come forward to offer whatever we can to secure Allah's pleasure. Our will should harmonize with His will.

This does not mean that one should not feel any pain or discomfort while making a sacrifice. Once we give up our luRve or our desire or our value, to feel pain is only human. Indeed, if we feel no pain in giving up something, that giving up may not be worth being called a sacrifice.

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